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Monied Waters Stuart Carruthers

Monied Waters

Stuart Carruthers

Kindle Edition
68 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Journalist Harry Patterson, working in Hong Kong, begins this adventure when he’s given an assignment to investigate a revolutionary new biofuel being made by a small startup company in Singapore.In Singapore Harry stays with a friend of a colleague, Michelle, whose housemate is away and who introduces him to his old friend Guy Onit (estranged due to circumstances in the previous adventure “As the Crow Dies”). It turns out that they were both looking at the same company, Kelon Biofuels.The day after meeting Guy, Harry meets Jonny Bin, the CEO of Kelon Biofuels and is flown to the small island of Serasan where he is shown around the shiny white laboratories and engineering rooms of the research center. A mysterious flashing light in the night and the disappearance of an engineer leads Harry to uncover a plot to steal Kelon Biofuel’s research.But who is involved in this plot to steal the secrets of Kelon and why are they so keen to make sure Harry never lives to tell the tale?